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Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

The Best Jeans To Enhance Your Bottom Shape

The Best Jeans To Enhance Your Bottom Shape

It is sad but true that a huge proportion of us are walking around in ill-fitting jeans. One of the
biggest challenges when buying a pair of jeans is purchasing a pair that actually fit well around the
bottom. The seemingly collective yet unwitting trend to wear jeans that do not fit properly around
the behind is somewhat strange as, in order to look and feel great in a pair of jeans, they need to fit
well around your whole shape.

Fortunately, to give us a helping hand in finding a pair of jeans that will enhance one of our sexiest
features as opposed to hiding it, there are certain styles of jeans that complement certain shapes of
bottoms. The trick is to know what jeans will enhance your bottom.

The flat bottom

Flats bums require enhancing with jeans that make the bottom appear bigger and rounder. Aim to
buy a pair of jeans that sit medium to high on your waist instead of being hipsters. Jeans that have
smaller pockets on the bottom instead of big ones will also make the bottom appear fuller.

Flatter bottom women should also opt for jeans that are made out of Lycra and will stretch as you
move, giving the bottom a touch more elasticity. Levis jeans, for example, come in a wide range of
styles – including ones that are made from Lycra, have a medium to high waist and will therefore suit
flatter behinds.

Big bottom girls

Big bottom girls might make the rocking world go round, but when it comes to buying jeans, they
should be treated in the same way as when we want to minimise the look of extra large breasts.

High waisted jeans are more flattering to big bums than low rising jeans, which should be a definite
no-no. Aim for jeans that have little or no details such as pockets, frills or accessories on the bottom
area as these details will only draw attention to this area.

Again, take a look at Levi jeans at Very.co.uk, which come in a huge range of styles and sizes to suit
equally diverse sizes and shapes of bottoms.

Barely-there athletic bottom

So, you may be the envy of women everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can easily find a pair of
jeans that makes you look like you actually have a bum! To emphasise a barely-there bum, opt for
jeans that have plenty of detail, such as pockets and embroidery on the bottom area. Buying a pair
of Lycra Levis jeans will allow for movement, creating a more rounded effect.

Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

The most fashionable city: Milano

Last week we went to Milan, the most fashionable city of the world (to me). I was thrilled to see this beautiful and huge city. The whole architecture, the culture and the people were just amazing.

I think the people there (the ones who live there, not the tourists) are very fashionable. I saw a lot of good-dressed women and men. They were wearing the whole designer stuff, mixing it with normal brands,with no make-up and without big effort. And this is what I really like about Italian style.

I was dreaming of these Prada ballerinas since march and I was happy to find them finally in Milan. They are perfect. So comfy and adjustable. I wear them in elegant way or with really casual stuff.

Prada ballerinas

Top & pants: Zara, sandals: Bagatt

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Since I am huge fan of peplum trend  (peplum tops, dresses or skirts) I transformed my Zara brocade dress to a peplum top. I must admit, I like it better now. 

It is important that the peplum's flare starts at the thinnest part of the waist and ends at the hipbone. I wear it with simple pieces that have clean cuts. One option is to go for pencil skirt, if you want to look elegant and polished. Other option are panties, for example black skinnies, that add something oppositional and something cool to this very feminine trend.

Dress/top & skirt: Zara, Shoes: CL, belt: H&M