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Montag, 26. Oktober 2009


Source: Vogue.uk, Buch.ch

My today's outfit, very elegant one. The red dress is from Zara, also wearing H&M velvet blazer and belt. The shoes and necklace have been posted in previous posts.

I ordered this two books. I'm happy to get them tomorrow. Really excited to see how they are. I could read like the first forty pages online and it was quite fun and amusing. The german title of the first one is very funny. It's called: How to change a bulb in high-heels.

xoxo zola

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009


Blazer&jeans&Clutch: Zara, Top: H&M, Shoes, Lipgloss: Essence

This is what I wore when we went out for some drinks. It was fun. I forgot my camera so I took the photos later at home. Sorry, you can't barely see my outfit, I just hate my camera. I love the shoes, they look like Balmain. I got them actually for my prom and I wear them when I go out. I really love the clutch I got from Zara. The colour is just perfect. And my favourite lipgloss that's from Essence (I dont know if you guys know this label). It's very cheap label, but I love it.

xoxo zola

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009


bag & skirt: Zara, blouse&necklace: H&M,
jacket: Vero Moda

Everytime I have to create new titles for my outfit, so I thought I just number it one, two etc. This is what I wore yesterday. Here in Austria it's getting cold and rainy.

Today I had a stressful day, went to exhibition of friend of mine, who makes jewelries. I bought a necklace, but I don't like it that much. Later I go to have some drinks with my husband.

xoxo zola

Thank you all for supporting my blog and leaving me such lovely comments.

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

necklace, earrings and a ring

ring: gift from my mom, necklace, earrings: I am

Wish you all nice day and thank you very much for the lovely comments!

xoxo zola

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

red moments

ruffle top and sweater H&M, pumps Apepazza, bracelet Thomas Sabo

This is what I wore today when I went to Ikea.

I love the colour red, but not too much. The only red piece I have is a red dress. But I love to have red lips and red nails. The bracelet is gift from my husband. I love it very much and I wear it nearly everyday.

I also took pics of red pieces in my home: red pillow from H&M and red dining table from Interio

xoxo zola

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

i love my trenchcoat

Guess peeptoe, gold earrings, Rayban sunglasses, scarf with snake print

This is what I wore today while going to the city. We went to Thai-shop to buy curry sauce and cooked at home chicken. Yummiii.

Later I'm going to play billard with my friends. I can't play it, so otherwise I go bowling, because it's much more fun.

xoxo zola

PS. Thanks all for supporting my blog with all the lovely comments!

Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

today's outfit

My today's outfit. I just bought this trenchcoat. Actually I wanted one that is more classic, but I liked this much better. This sequin skirt is by H&M, I got it from Ebay. The top is also from H&M.

My shooting partner is my dog, Argos. The location is our living room, the walls are quite empty-looking, we didn't find painting yet.

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

tights tights tights

Some of my purchases from Italy. The have Intimissimi & Calzedonia outlet( I don't if guys know it) so I bought some tights for the coming cold weather.

The shoes are from my husband. Usually I am the one who buys shoes, but this time I didn't find any. I have super small feet, so it's hard for me to find shoes.

Also bought some make-up: Lipgloss from Victoria's Secret, others from Kiko.

xoxo Zola

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

shoes shoes shoes

One thing you have to know about me: I am shoe-addicted!

My favourite shoes at the moment. It's getting cold outside so I can't wear all of them, unfortunately. I just ordered a pair of black booties on Zara, but I don't know if I get them.

xoxo zola

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

so excited

Tomorrow I am going to Udine/Italy for shopping with my husband and friends. I am so excited.

So here is my wishlist:

-chucks from Converse
-jewellery (big necklaces, earrings)
-pumps (grey and berry-colour)
-some good fitting jeans

and so on.

xoxo zola

my new obsession

At the moment, I am so into Gossip Girl and The City. I love it, can't wait for the new episodes.

xoxo zola

waiting for

So this is what I ordered on H&M lately. I am totally in love with those big necklaces à la Olivia Palermo. It is really hard to find one like this, because most of chains or necklaces are so long.

I'm not so sure about this dress. I don't know how to wear it and how long it would be. I'm very little person, so I think it wouldn't be that short. I think I am gonna wear them with trenchcoat or black leather jacket and opaque pair of stockings.

xoxo zola