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Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

today's outfit

My today's outfit. I just bought this trenchcoat. Actually I wanted one that is more classic, but I liked this much better. This sequin skirt is by H&M, I got it from Ebay. The top is also from H&M.

My shooting partner is my dog, Argos. The location is our living room, the walls are quite empty-looking, we didn't find painting yet.


O'Style hat gesagt…

Thank you!

Oh that trench is absolutely natty, very lady!


Couture Carrie hat gesagt…

Gorgeous outfit, darling! I love your coat!


lilmisszolicious hat gesagt…

thank you for the lovely comments!

EN VANITÉ hat gesagt…

omgomgom i love this outfit

mango hat gesagt…

i love the coat, your outfit looks so adorable =]

annieo hat gesagt…

WHERE did you get your necklace from?

annieo hat gesagt…

HAHA silly me, i scrolled down to your previous posts and saw that you ordered it from H&M, ahhhh so pretty!

L.E. van Uum hat gesagt…

I have the same top! It is so great you can wear it with everything! Check out my blog please en tell me what you think of it


Closet Full of Nothing hat gesagt…

LOVE this necklace! and your chandelier is beautiful! I'm also looking to get a black one for my future dinning room.... just have to find a place first!