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Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

tights tights tights

Some of my purchases from Italy. The have Intimissimi & Calzedonia outlet( I don't if guys know it) so I bought some tights for the coming cold weather.

The shoes are from my husband. Usually I am the one who buys shoes, but this time I didn't find any. I have super small feet, so it's hard for me to find shoes.

Also bought some make-up: Lipgloss from Victoria's Secret, others from Kiko.

xoxo Zola


The Starving Stylist hat gesagt…

Are those studs on the shoes? Very Prada! I love it and you have great taste! You husband is definitely lucky! ;)


lilmisszolicious hat gesagt…

thank you for the lovely comment.

Shoppers Extraordinaire’s hat gesagt…

the shos are A-ma-zin-G