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Montag, 26. Oktober 2009


Source: Vogue.uk, Buch.ch

My today's outfit, very elegant one. The red dress is from Zara, also wearing H&M velvet blazer and belt. The shoes and necklace have been posted in previous posts.

I ordered this two books. I'm happy to get them tomorrow. Really excited to see how they are. I could read like the first forty pages online and it was quite fun and amusing. The german title of the first one is very funny. It's called: How to change a bulb in high-heels.

xoxo zola


E hat gesagt…

These books sound fun! I need to check these out!


Beautiful red dress!

Lori hat gesagt…

love the zara dress!

Dannie hat gesagt…

beautiful dress on you!
and wow, these books seem cool :)

michelle_ hat gesagt…

I've read that whole book!
and its one of the few books i read properly . its definately interesting to read . and take the tips they give you too . its good ..
it thought me how to eat properly at a fine dining..
thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting
hope u'll keep visitng and following my blog too :D

Lily hat gesagt…

I love anything red, and that dress looks stunning on you!

Those books are too cute! Please post a review once you're done reading them. :)


Fashion Chalet hat gesagt…

I didn't know there was another book. I love How TO Walk in High Heels =)


The Man Who Knew Too Much hat gesagt…

Great red dress!

Malu hat gesagt…

I love your style!
You have a great blog :D


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Mode Junkie hat gesagt…

i have the first book. must order the second one!

you look gorgeous in red babe!
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Melmo hat gesagt…

oh dein kleid ist einfach nur wundervoll! danke fuer deinen lieben kommentar.
die buecher hoeren sich echt gut an. vor allem der deutsche titel ;P

Toothfairy hat gesagt…

hahaha I've just bought how to walk in high heels too!


Hanh, Life-in-Travel hat gesagt…

The great books for girl!!!
Love your sweet elegant dress!!

Ps: my hubby won't be a photographer if it's more than 10 mins :-(

Simes. hat gesagt…

Hey! Loved the pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite to follow us.

monica w hat gesagt…

u loook soooo nice :)

Coco hat gesagt…

Loving the velvet.

Posh hat gesagt…

Great dress, lovely color!

thesydneygirl hat gesagt…

love the colour of that dress and i hope you enjoy reading your new books =) x

O'Style hat gesagt…

The dress is so beatiful! I love the coler too!