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Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

waiting for

Hey, I'm back. I guess, my camera is still under repair. They promised it will be repaired like next week. Can't wait to show you my new shoes. I got like 5 new pairs of shoes this month. This are what I ordered on H&M. I'm still waiting, maybe they'll arrive today.

What else new in my life? Yeah, i'm in a sewing course, I sew a pencilskirt with lace. Really excited to wear them. Beginning of December me and my husband are going to do a wellness holiday. So excited, I'm really tired so I need it. On the 1st of December we're celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. I don't know what my husband is going to give me as a gift. So excited!!!

xoxo Zola


ANATXU hat gesagt…

Oh! I love the shoes and the bag!!!
Thanks for you comment!!!


O'Style hat gesagt…

Those preppy flats.. want it!!


Emilie hat gesagt…

Love the bag!

yolanda hat gesagt…

I loved your selection.
take care

Dylana hat gesagt…

Everything is lovely!

Lovely blog!


monica w hat gesagt…

love the gold sequin bag!

Dannie hat gesagt…

yeeea, thos elace flats are def. amazingness is shoe form! loooving!they're gonna be sooo fun to wear!

Dejana • shopsterium.blogspot.com hat gesagt…

Hi Zola,

I love the sequin purse!

Happy anniversary, hope you get something nice :)



Dylana hat gesagt…

That gold purse is so pretty!


Helena hat gesagt…

SHOES! i love those shoes!

Teresa hat gesagt…

Oh, I love that emerald cut compact! So gorgeous!