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Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Red velvet shoes

On Friday I found these amazing red velvet pumps in a store where I usually never go in. It is sometimes good to try something new!


RochellekeCloset hat gesagt…

Gorgeous shoes ;-)

Tserendulam Altangerel hat gesagt…

wow you look amazing
I really like your accessories

RaspberryBlonde hat gesagt…

Wow, this is a great look, cool and sophisticated!
I bought a similar jeans in dark brown yesterday, can't wait to try it!
I like your blog too, so I'm following ;)

jamie hat gesagt…

i love your accessories!!

Stefanie hat gesagt…

Amazing Shoes!! Love them :)

Kultur und Stil hat gesagt…

wow the shoes are great!

xxx Anita

My Style Ideas hat gesagt…

Love how you combined them! The necklace is also really great!!

ediot hat gesagt…

nice look.
i really like the shoes and your striped tee
hope you're having a good week so far

Julia Sh. hat gesagt…

ooh, I adore your outfit, especially these red heels and this very awesome necklace!
u are very pretty!

xo, your new follower
Julie -http://juliechoice.blogspot.com/

Neris / Fashion Fractions hat gesagt…

gorgeous look! the shoes are fab!


Fashion Fractions

Linds hat gesagt…

those shoes were made for you! i love them. i am uber jeal of you leather pants.